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Accessorize with sleek golden jewelry and wrap bracelets.  Skinny jeans are a great choice with denim jackets!  The white blouse is all in for summer, and accessories call for shoulder bags and totes.


Try a sheer dress of flowersSummer black is the coolest way to stand out from the crowd in a season that is drenched in color, chic and graphic, and will compliment you in the fashion world of a connoisseur.


single-stem-rose-1603254Retro Chic dresses from the 1970’s are inspired extras hits with all the right notes and great finds.  Shoes run the gamut in fashion to suit all your wardrobe needs. Streamlined separates make bejeweled evening heels work for the workday.


Your style also becomes personal as a flowerchild with ornate embroidery denims, faded jean jackets, and light-washed minis. A dose of glamour to jean ensembles, choose a matte or velvet finish lipstick for a new, take-on a look. Swap to blush ones as the weather warms up. Get the perfect nude lip with concealer one shade lighter than your usual color, or mix liquid foundation with moisturizer and tap it on with a fingertip.

Books have always been my passion. They become like wine that is savored with age; my favorites speak to me in a different language as they make their claim months after since I have last read their pages when I’ve had DVDs and CDs permeate my appetite, and mind. Yet, there is a reason I tend to lean toward the hand-held pages, bringing me closer to the intimacy of words on the written page. have read for children, and have seen their life bloom with those whom they have shared the written word, and I hope you will too as you scan this website for publications, whether they also be to your liking with the written word, DVDs, CDs, or eBooks.